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Welcome to the Sun King Cyber Cafe!

Thanks for stopping by - my corner of cyberspace is growing and evolving, but construction has been slow lately. I am a Leo born in July, hence the graphic << !
If you are using IE or Netscape with Crescendo, you should be hearing some music from one of my favourite artists - The Beatles! If you don't have speakers and a sound card yet, then put that on your list of 'must haves'!

A few quick things about me - I'm <%if Month(date)>7 then%> <%=Year(date)-1966%> <%else%> <%=(Year(date)-1966)-1%> <%end if%> and live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Friends say my eating habits are a cross between a bird, rabbit and horse. I eat like birds and rabbits (seeds, nuts, grains, legumes, fruits and raw veggies) with the appetite of a horse!

I love music - classical and classic rock, enjoy Star Trek, Babylon 5 and working on the 'Net. I also love to read - most of it is in the areas of philosophy, religion and personal growth, but I also venture into economics for fun.

Below you will find some links so you can check out the rest of my site. Happy surfing!

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