Divine Mother

Ode to the Feminine

In recognition of those aspects of Self that representeth to me the Divine Feminine:

As the High Priestess thou art the source of all and the power of Uniting.

As the Empress thou art the womb of Creation from which all Light springs forth.

As my Lover thou art my connection with the Divine, Disposing of that which separates us.

Thy Strength tames the beast and thy Secret Activity brings forth my heart's desire.

Thy work and action keeps the balance and Faithfully maintains justice within my world.

As one in Bondage with me, thy presence Renews my desire to be free.

Though I fall from the Tower of error, thou art with me to share in the Excitement and Awakening.

As the Star, thou bringeth forth Revelation when I meditate upon your Natural Beauty.

With you as my playmate, we enjoy the Regenerating power of the Sun in our Collective experience.

With you as my archetypal mate, we give birth to the Perpetual awareness of Divine Reality.

As the Dancer you are joyfully participating in the Administration of a beautiful World.

March 2000

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