I Box MySelf In

Self Discipline

I know MySelf as the Limitless Light.

In order to know MySelf more fully, I freely choose to:

restrict MySelf through the power of Saturn,
fence MySelf in through the power of Cancer,
and shut out the Light through the power of Capricorn.

Through the process of forgetting, I have established for MySelf an abode known as Beth.

I chain MySelf to this illusion because it is the only thing I now know.

From the ocean of possibility, My Power enters My field of experience through the door of Daleth.

The Light of reason enters through My window of thought.

With My sword of Zain, I carefully select those patterns of thought in harmony with My desires.

Little by little, I nail together pieces of knoweldge which I Unite into a tapestry of Wisdom.

As I move onward and upward, drawn by the lantern of the Hermit, I faithfully continue my journey even when the rewards of my search seem out of reach.

I silently rest in the knowledge that even when things appear to the contrary as when great tests and trials appear, that through the power of Scorpio and the seed of Nun, I transmute My abode to better express my Understanding.

Through the power of Ayin I see but only glimpses of My true nature which seem frightening to Me at times.

By the power of Mars I gain experience, and with Tzaddi do I fish for insights into My true nature.

Under the light of the Moon, through My power of Qoph I construct a new dwelling place with My Spiritual Strength.

I bask in the warmth of the glory of Resh as I move boldly forward into a new kingdom.

Through the power of Shin, I realize a new dimension of My Beingness.

I must maintain my discipline, for if I should let loose the boundaries I have established, the full perception of My true nature would flood my abode and destroy it.

I celebrate My powers of discipline and restriction, for it is through them that I am able to experience MySelf in myriad forms, and continue on the Great Adventure.

posted to the PFC List
in November 1999
by a fool
in response to the following question posed by Joseph Nolen:

The path of return has a definite discipline but it is rarely stated in the West.
More so in the East where they have centuries of acquaintance with it.
What do you think this discipline is and why???? Joseph Nolen

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