Emotional Pattern

0.  All the power that fuels My every emotion is here now.

1.  I AM the Primal Source and manager of all emotion.

2.  In My Wisdom emotion takes form in desire and feeling.

3.  I Understand that emotion is expressed in accordance with My Unfailing Law.

4.  From the Limitless Depths of My capacity to feel, I draw out those feelings that are desired at this moment.

5.  I perceive the perfect Justice that rules My emotional Life and Experience.

6.  In My relationships with all creatures I feel the Beauties of pure emotion.

7.  Living according to My Primal Desires, Victory is Certain.

8.  I bask in the Eternal Splendour of the Limitless depth of My emotion and feelings.

9.  In thought, feeling, and deed, My foundation rests upon My Eternal Beingness.

10.  The Kingdom of Joy is embodied in My flesh.


August 1999

The above was inpsired by The Pattern on the Trestleboard. -  Eleven Qabalistic statements containing Truth about the Self found in Paul Foster Case's book, The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order

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