Thus Spoke Zarathustra . . .

To live life in the moment
does not mean the end of progress.
I cannot even recognize progress
except through you.
For what would I,
being perfect and whole,
progress towards?

I only regress so that I may attain myself once again.
I must forget in order to remember.
I create darkness, so that light may shine.
There are no players without a game.
Ye know this, who know My name.

Yes, My child, you will discard the mask you wear
and exchange it for another
with more depth of character
and a stronger desire to know Me.

Not just in an ecstatic embrace with Me
shall ye live for a fleeting moment,
Ye shall be like unto a loom
and weave Me into the fabric of your life.

For this is how ye come to know Me,
little by little,
that I may savour the journey.
For all too soon,
I arrive again at the place at which I started
And know Myself once again.

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