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Paul Foster Case

Builders of the Adytum Builders of the Adytum (B.O.T.A.) is a non-profit corporation based on the mystical-occult teachings and practices of the Holy Qabalah and Sacred Tarot. It was founded by Dr. Paul Foster Case and extended by Dr. Ann Davies.

To learn more about B.O.T.A., visit the B.O.T.A. home page or the B.O.T.A. in Europe home page.

Fraternity of the Hidden Light (FLO) is an international Initiatic Order. It is said to be like B.O.T.A. was in its early days.

An email based forum discussing the writings of Paul Foster Case and his successor, Ann Davies, is available for students who wish discuss this material with others all over the world. In addition to the material written by Paul and Ann, it is also open to any subject within the esoteric traditions of both the East and West.

The online discussion group was at first considered to be an electronic version of the study groups that are currently operating around the world. It was originally called the B.O.T.A. (bota-l) mailing list, but B.O.T.A. later withdrew their support as they felt it did not fall within the constraints of a B.O.T.A. study group, one purpose of which is to build towards a ritual group called a Pronaos.

In August of 1999 the list was changed to the Paul Foster Case (pfcase-l) mailing list. There was some discussion on the list wondering why the change was necessary. For further list information or to join, visit the list info page.  Also available are the B.O.T.A. and PFC mailing list archives.

PFC Library

Paul Foster Case Biographical Timeline (7 pages, 15k PDF) - Complied by Lee Moffitt.

Paul Foster Case Bibliography (3 pages, 8k PDF) - Complied by Kevin M. Tuck.

Letter from PFC to Israel Regardie, January, 1933 (3 pages, 9k PDF)

Letter from PFC to Israel Regardie, August, 1933 (6 pages, 15k PDF)

The Pattern on the Trestleboard. Eleven qabalistic statements containing Truth about the Self.

Introduction to the Study of the Tarot (47 pages, 162k PDF) - Originally published in New York in 1920.

The Life Power (38 pages, 72k PDF) - an abstract of a lecture by Paul Foster Case delivered at the Hotel Astoria in New York City in December 1922

32 Paths of Wisdom (493k PDF) This work was received by Paul Case and Michael Whitty from Master Rakoczi while Michael was alive and both were members of the Golden Dawn ( Michael Whitty was Prolocutor of the N.Y. Lodge and Paul was a First Order Member ). It was later included as an appendix for Paul's 'Section C' Course. You may also be interested in the fact that the almost the entire Book of Tokens ( except the Epilogos which was received by Ann Davies, Paul and Harriet Case in 1947 ) was received by Michael Whitty and Paul Case in 1919 in the same manner, again while Paul was a First Order Member of the Golden Dawn. -Frater 111

Rosicrucian / Hermetic Documents

The Emerald Tablet by Hermes Trismigestus

The Fama Fraternitatis A founding document of the Rosicrucian Tradition

The Confessio Fraternitatis The second Rosicrucian Manifesto

The Fama and the Confessio and their esoteric meanings are dicussed at length by Paul Foster Case and form the first half of his book, The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order.

The second half of the book is a discussion of the Rosicrucian Grades as they relate to the Sephiroth. It is a guided journey of the Path of Return, climbing up the Tree of Life, beginning with Malkuth (Zealator) and ending with Kether (Ipsissimus). This is the first book by Paul Foster Case that I bought and I consider it to be the most valuable book in my collection. I continually enjoy reading it.

The The Kybalion Resource Page

The The Kybalion, of which some say PFC is one of the three authors.

A Brief Study of the Rose and Cross Symbol by Fra. Thomas D. Worrel, VII°.

Study Aids

Table of Tarot Correspondences - Courtesy of B.O.T.A. in Europe

Theosophical Extension Calculator.

Hebrew Font Help - A Guide and downloadable font

Quiz Yourself and learn the Tarot Attributions!

A Gematria Calculator courtesy of B.O.T.A. in Eurpoe.

The PFC list archives in text format are available in zip files on the FTP Site. In March of 2001 the PFCase-l list changed to a web based archive and is available only to current list members. Archive Login.

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